The Challenges

This blog is about our ideas to solve each of the challenges. We still have a lot to code but we will first concentrate on the autonomous challenges an then the remote controlled ones. Here are the general ideas…

The Hubble telescope nebula challenge: For this challenge we’ll be using the camera to identify the different colours. The general idea is that the robot will make one complete turn around himself to identify where each colour is and then it will be able to follow each one of them in the required order returning each time to its initial location.

The canyons of mars: For this challenge the idea is to try to pre-build the maze so that the robot can localise itself on it. Then, the idea is to use the ToF sensors to map and match the “environment” around the robot while moving. We intend as well to use the cameras and 6DoF sensor to be able to localise the little aliens and make an accurate 90 degrees turn when needed.

Blast Off: the Straight-ish Line Speed Test: For this our first idea was to go to the simplest solution an use infrared sensors to detect the white line and follow it.

I found out a bit later in one of the Robot club sessions at makespace, that there is no obligation to “follow” the line, but to complete the course. There is for sure not much of a challenge using the ultrasonic sensors, but we are aiming to just finishing the course. If we have time, we’ll try to use the camera as well to follow the line and the 6DoF to keep straight-ish and try to increase the speed and finish the course a bit faster.

Pi Noon: This will rely entirety on the skills of the driver (which is not me). The only thing maybe will be to try to add a button on our joystick to reduce torque and speed on the motors to be able to drive it more easily. Otherwise the robot has been equipped successfully with the “famous” connector to mount the balloons.

Same as above for the spirit of curiosity. The Space invaders has been explained in a previous post.

The Apollo obstacle course: Now, I have no idea on how to approach this challenge. Obviously it will rely as well on the skills of the driver… but at least we are sure that the robot will not get stucked as there are nothing underneath the chassis other than the motors. Fingers crossed!

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