Space Invaders

I has taken us a while to think about how to cope with the space invaders challenge. On the Pi Wars website it is recommend the Nerf Darts and firing weapon but we wanted something original and different. My idea at the beginning was to use a device that I have when I was a kid: the Mexican Resortera. It is a really easy to use device as you just only need a Y shaped stick and a rubber band like the ones below. You can find these on any Mexican market or Amazon in the UK.

Mexican Art

Unfortunately, this idea would have taken us a considerable amount of time to build with a motorised pulling the rubber band. Kind of the same thing will happen with the Nerf pistol and we are running out of time. My partner is a fan of drones and find out that the parrot Mambo has a mini canyon that look perfect to use on our robot.

Mambo Canyon

The idea now is to do some reverse engineering to be able to mount it on the robot and command it from the Pi Hut game controller. We’ll need to do a couple of modifications on top of the robot but think overall it will be “easy” to use on the space invaders challenge. We have it now and will try to “hack” it, if succeed we’ll be able to participate on that challenge hoping to win some points. Fingers crossed !!

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