Nenemeni V2.0

Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.

Judy Garland

This is how Nenemeni looks life after (more less) mounting all the elements on it:

Nenemeni V1.0

I am kind of regretting using “clear” acrylic, as if you “cover” the inside, it has a cleaner look of the bot. (*ordering purple acrylic asap)*. On the above pictures, I didn’t took off the “plastic” on the top layer acrylic and the ToF sensors are mounted on the bottom part of the chassis.

Nenemeni V2.0

For version 2, sensors will be mounted on the upper part of the chassis, Pi will be rotated and battery and Thunderborg re-arranged. After another night with the laser cutter machine, the results are much better:

The L-shaped front piece to mount IR sensor, connector and ToF was exactly as I expected it. Only drawback: there is no space to mount a third IR sensor if needed. On the picture there is still space for the “hand-made” board for ToF connections on the MUX. Nenemeni V2.0 is looking good.

So Far, there is nothing on the top layer, but hoping to add a HyperPixel to be able to easily launch in between programs for the different challenges. Problem: the HyperPixel uses literally all the GPIO Pins on the Pi, so no possibility to use the IR sensor (which if using the camera, wouldn’t be catastrophic). Luckyly, the Hyperpixel has a breakout I2C connector, so the rest of the sensors are safe… to think about… HyperPixel or Not…

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