Tidying up…

To truly cherish the things that are important to you, you must first discard those that have outlived their purpose.

Marie Kondo

It is starting to get “messy” on my (3rd) carton chassis, and I don’t need Marie Kondo to tell me it is time for a change. My carton chassis (the third) has for sure lived their purpose, so we need a “serious chassis”. The material: acrylic (if possible purple) 3mm.

One (whole) weekend has been spend on making on CAD (SW) to make sure we’re within the Pi Wars rules. And finally, here it is! Nenemeni is out of the box!!!

Nenemeni V1.0

This is the V1.0 of Nenemeni from SolidWorks. Next step… the laser cutter and migrate all components to the new chassis. Happily, I have a friend with access to a laser cutter and a bending machine willing to help. I decided to go for the “clear” acrylic (as I already have it).

Laser cutting and bending pieces

I wish I have one of those fabulous machines at home (or work). After, the laser cutting day, I could not wait to test if it was as I imagined…

Now you see me…

It was almost perfect, honestly… few tweaks and it will be perfect… already fixing some details for Nenemeni 2.0. I do have to say that, the idea from the Tiny 4WD camera holder adapted to Nenemeni’s needs was the right call. I am, in general, really happy with the result… Wait to see V2.0 đŸ˜€

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